Let’s close the theme of the price, if the dinner is worth € 1,500 per guest, a price justified both by the crazy world of the Ibiza summer that has become the meeting point of the world jet set, and by the exclusive nature of this experience. I do not know if a price of 18,000 euros for this experience with 12 people is expensive when certain tables in discotheques on the island cost € 20,000 …

What is it? Sublimotion is a great gastronomic experience, wrapped in a complete sensory experience.The environment is part of the experience, it completes and enhances it. If we already knew that we also eat with our eyes, we now discover that we eat with eyes, ears, skin, emotion, environment … following a sensory rollercoaster.

The night begins when guests go through an industrial elevator that moves noisily, to the tone of “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!” Of the Ramones. A surprising beginning for those who come to an elegant dinner … Confirming this irreverent style, the attendees arrive to the room and enter the Sublimotion universe with another almost mystical experience – both hands on the table, each one has to prepare, focus, relax to enjoy the experience.

Each of the 20 dishes has its own staging, thanks to an impressive technical assembly. The idea: that each dish has its own experience. Attendees move to the Arctic for an ice-cold gazpacho in the form of an iceberg, to hell for a meat dish or to Central Park for a divine picnic. 360º images (in addition to the projection on the same table, peculiar white canvas), music composed for the occasion, temperature adjustments of the room, aromas, make up a complete sensory experience.

And the surprises are permanent, like a dish that arrives in helium balloons that participants pass from one to another. For the picnic in Central Park, you have to open some baskets; and for dessert in a club in Ibiza, each guest has as a plate a spinning disk, suspended in a magnetic way. We would almost puncture …

But beyond the quality of the experience, the gastronomy, the staging, the interesting thing for a fan of events, is that Sublimotion creates a new segment – the sensory experience in which gastronomy is just the basis of a delicious moment Do we bet that in ten years, this concept will have multiplied?

Another interesting thing: humor and good atmosphere. If the world of haute cuisine is usually very formal, Sublimotion is a very pleasant experience. It has a master of ceremonies that presents and explains each experience. People laugh, contacts are easy.