Discover everything you need to know to choose the best hotel for your event.

In an event, everything is part of the same scenario, transport, rooms, restaurants, activities, visits, shows … but there is one very determinant: “hotels”.

Hotels are a strategic part of an event’s scenario, since it welcomes and gives prestige to everything else.

I have known hundreds of hotels around the world, sometimes I had to visit 5 or 6 in the same day, with the difficulty, despite pointing to things, of having to remember the differences and added values of each of them.

Many times “I have mysteriously lost myself” by them, by their corridors, even by one of their rooms, “with the permission of the cleaners” …. I have been sitting in the lobby for hours and hours, I have eaten in them … everything before making a decision … What is the chosen hotel?

Most of them I have selected for Incentive Trips, but also for Conventions, Work Meetings, Experiential Coaching ….

The chosen hotel depends on the type of event, the objectives pursued and the profile of the participants … its correct choice “is decisive”.

What do I notice?

1. Design exterior , classic, modern, homely, bright, grandiose, dark, different, creative, autochthonous, charming, historical … the exterior design is a very important part of our stage.
The physiognomy of the hotel must be in accordance with what we are looking for. Arriving at the hotel must be a magical moment that takes us to the experience we want to transmit.

I remember in an Incentive in Dresden, “The Dresden Tales” (Finalist incentive to the Awards for Excellence in Events) reach the Hotel Kempinski from the jetty of the river through a torchlight walk, it was like arriving at that magical place that we were waiting for so long.

2. Internal / external surroundings of the hotel , its gardens, walks, external facilities … are they usable, they give value to what we want to live ?, are they part of the scenario ? can we get them some use? …

3. Breakfast place: Important! I love that the groups eat breakfast “living the destiny”, if it is possible that they see it, taste it from these first looks … I try to avoid closed rooms, places without identity, breakfast is an important part of the trip, it is the first impression of the day next to all the others.

What a wonder those hotels where they have that luminous space with large windows for breakfast seeing the place where you are … this is increasingly difficult to find.

4. The entrance , large, spacious, cozy, bright, easy, charming … how important are those people who receive us when they arrive at a hotel, those brand-new smiles, how they are grateful.
The entrance is the most visible external image of the hotel, the entrance is an element of prestige of the hotel.

5. The Lobby, we would say that it is one of the most important points, first of all it should be cozy, to enter the lobby is “ feel at home “, go through it, wait in it, it must be a pleasant time, an important moment of our event, it is the place of arrival and departure of many experiences, the lobby itself must be an experience, its music, smell, the people who walk through it, the who work on it …

6. The “internal transports” call the corridors, stairs, elevators … the sensation of labyrinth or the feeling of way to your room? the first produces tension, the second closeness.

7. The Room … spacious? the space in them is almost a species in extinction, the quality of their furniture, appliances, household goods … and the bathroom! the quality of all the elements of it, the bathroom, gives you many clues when it comes to saying YES to a hotel.

8. The location , depending on the type of event, this is a great differential value or not. In Incentives, a location in the most emblematic places is almost indispensable. In other types of events, you may need more remote stays …

9. The human team, “Empathy and effectiveness” , I would say that they are the two main values of the workers of a hotel, really it is only small moments that the client has contact with them: the request for towels, a call, an internet connection, some information … both: empathy and efficiency must go hand in hand.

The workers of a hotel are on a stage all day, the receptionists, the bellmen, the cleaners, the telephone operators … they are the main actors and their performance depends a lot on the feeling that we can take away from them.

10. Your glamor … Taking into account all the above factors, there are hotels that are by themselves an incentive …

This glamor is given:

* For its history … The Mamounia in Marrakech, the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the Pera Palace hotel in Istanbul, the Danieli in Venice, the Ritz in Madrid …

* For being “movie” … New York Plaza, became famous thanks to Alfred’s film With Death in the Heels (North by Northwest, 1959) Hitchcock, maybe it’s easier to recognize him in My poor little angel 2: Lost in New York (Home Alone 2, 1993) or the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, the movie Iron Man, or the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, this luxurious hotel has a privileged role in the film Ocean’s Eleven (2001), also known as La Gran Estafa .

* For its exclusivity … the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Kuwait, Maroma Resort & amp; Spa, Hotel de Glace, Capri Palace hotel & amp; Spa, Four Seasons George V …

* For your guests .. . Hotel Ritz de Paris (Coco Chanel lived in it for more than 30 years, also Diana of Wales, Elton John or Hemingway himself stayed in it), Hotel Covent garden (Giorgio Armani or Scarlett Johansson, have reserved some of their Loft) , The Wakaya Club & amp; Spa in the Fiji Islands (Antonio Banderas or Bill Gates have strolled through its beaches) …

And as a summary of all the above, at the time of “signing”, awarding the hotel for an event, all of the above must be reflected in the Price / Category / Quality ratio.

Hotels are a very lively element, so much so that what one moment can fall in love with you can be totally “out of date” after many years.

Finding the hotel for your event is one of the most important values within it, is where a professional in the sector plays a large part of its prestige, because the hotel is the highest prestige reference in an event.